Visible Body® Muscle Premium

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Visible Body® Muscle Premium
Software Biology Educational Software
A comprehensive reference of musculoskeletal structure and function, plus common injuries and conditions.

  • Available as computer based or mobile programs
  • Flexible student count and subscription lengths
  • Includes reference and study content in seven languages
Muscle premium is a comprehensive 3D reference of musculoskeletal structures and function, plus common injuries and conditions. Interact with 3D models of bones, ligaments, bursae, and skeletal muscles with nerves and vasculature. Watch informative and concise presentations on normal anatomy and pathologies by experts in the field.
Learn about blood supply, innervation, origins and insertions, and surface area of attachments. Rotate and zoom in and out of 3D animations of common muscle actions. See and understand the differences between normal anatomy and common injuries and conditions with our media and pathologies sections.

With muscle premium, you can:
Interact with 3D models of bones, ligaments, bursae, and skeletal muscles with blood supply and innervation, and origins and insertions.
- Includes male and female musculoskeletal system.
- See detailed information for each skeletal muscle: blood supply, innervation, attachments, and muscle actions.
- Study the relationships among bursae, ligaments, muscle, and bone.
- Watch muscle movements demonstrated in moving 3D models.
- Study or demonstrate normal anatomy and common injuries and conditions.

Study and show normal anatomy and common injuries and conditions:
- Watch 21 presentations within the Media section, where subject matter experts explain common pathologies such as sciatica, adhesive capsulitis, and more.
- Browse for the anatomy you need to study or show.
- Dissect a full model, zoom into a region, or create views to save or share.
- Watch adduction, pronation, flexion, and more from various angles and zoom levels.
- Review and teach about common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions (cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tear, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, and many more).

Access encyclopedic reference and study content, in seven languages:
- Detailed definitions, latin names, and english pronunciations.
- Descriptions of injuries, diseases, and pathologies.
- 1000+ question test bank for testing mastery.

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