Picodrop™ Microliter Spectrophotometer

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Picodrop™ Microliter Spectrophotometer
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Test samples directly using only 2 ul, read through a unique disposable pipette tip offering sample containment and full recovery.

  • Quantify RNA, DNA and Proteins in just 3 seconds
  • Low operating costs
  • Measures nucleic acid samples down to 3 ng/μl, and proteins to 0.1 mg/ml
  • Tests samples in volumes as low as 1 - 2 μl - no need to dilute!
  • Purchase includes P10 micropipette and a box of 96 UVpette tips
  • No additional calibration needed (auto calibrating)
  • Zero cross contamination and recover 100% of sample
The Picodrop™ spectrophotometer is used by life scientists working with DNA, RNA, proteins, microarray dyes and cell cultures. This unique, patented technology provides the user with a fast and convenient way to measure UV absorbance through specially-designed UVpette tips.

No sample platform maintenance required, protein resistant. No moving parts and path length fixed by tip. Compatible with most P10 tip liquid handling robots.

Certifications: The Picodrop™ spectrophotometer is manufactured under ISO9001 conditions and is supplied complete with detailed testing certificate and validation report.

Accessories information: Unique patented, disposable tips for Picodrop™ Microliter Spectrophotometer: Measure UV absorbance through specially-designed UVpette tips, feature advanced polymer technology and contain no contamination risk.

The UVpette tips are made with an advanced polymer technology that ensures precise UV absorption measurements between 220 and 950 nm, allowing the concentration of your sample to be read without leaving the pipette tip. Since the instrument never touches your sample, there's no contamination risk. You can recover it, or use it directly in an assay right after measuring the concentration.

Ordering information: Each Picodrop™ spectrophotometer comes with a sample rack of 96 UVpette (required for use) and a P10 micropipette. Built-in printer (optional) and 10mm cuvette holder (optional) are also available.

Caution: To obtain accurate concentrations, only UVpette tips are recommended for use with the Picodrop™ spectrophotometer. Any micropipette will work with the UVpette tips.