Ocean Trash Can

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Ocean Trash Can
Educational Materials Environmental Educational Materials Environmental Learning Activities
This exercise examines various types of pollutants, their sources, and their effects on the ocean, its inhabitants and the surrounding coastline.

  • Grades 7-10
  • Designed for 24 students working in groups of 4
  • Requires 4 class periods
Students classify ocean pollution into five basic categories; debris, toxins, dissolved nutrients, particulates, and oil. They model the effects of ocean pollution with activities examining a variety of topics: the effect of the pH of various liquids on calcium carbonate; the effects of dilution, buffering capacity, salt and acid runoff; acid rain; the ability of water to purify itself; and oil spill clean-up. As a final project, students design and write a newsletter containing articles with pertinent pollution topics such as current laws, pollution, effects, bioaccumulation, and prevention.

Ordering information: Six 1 gallon milk containers are required, but not included. Kit contains one instructor Manual, Student Data Sheets, Plastic Cups, Cupcake Liners, Sand, Tums, pH Strips, Radish Seeds, Sea Salt, Styrofoam Peanuts, Feathers, Yarn, Plastic Bags, Cotton Balls, Animal Fur, Wire.