Explore Optics OSA 100 Kit

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Explore Optics OSA 100 Kit
The Explore Optics Kit was originally developed by Laser Classroom in collaboration with OSA, The Optical Society for their 100th Anniversary Centennial Celebration.

  • Reflection labs and activities
  • Transmission and absorption of color
  • Invisibility for muggles
  • The properties of laser light
Kit is full of equipment that can be used for some of our most exciting demos and hands-on science of light, lasers and optics activities.

Reflection Labs and Activities
Introduction to the Law of Reflection
Using the Reflect-View to draw and move objects
Demonstration of pepper's ghost phenomenon
Transmission and Absorption of Color
Using gummy bears as filters along with white, red and green LEDs, learn about light absorption and transmission of light and what color really is.

Invisibility for Muggles
Explore and demonstrate the Rochester Cloak apparatus for creating regions of invisibility. Yes, you can actually make real objects disappear before your eyes...and understand the science and math that make it work!

The Properties of Laser Light
Learn about the fundamental properties that make LASER light different from every day light: monochromatic, collimated and coherent.

Ordering information: Kit contains set of 4 LED Lazr Fingers - red, green, blue and white; Red Laser Pointer; Invisibility Kit; PepperGram Projector for phone; Diffraction Grating; Protractor; and Activity Booklet with 15 demonstrations and hands on activities.