Solar Scope Education Version

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Education / teacher / Avenal, CA
Yes, I recommend
We are looking forward to using these solarscopes to view the August 21st Eclipse of the sun. I was looking for a safe way to view without having to get the eclipse glasses. This product fit the bill perfectly. 7 to 12 students can view a nearly 5 inch image of the sun. Although purchased through a funded project about the eclipse, these viewers will be able to be used for transits of the sun and viewing sun spots throughout the year. An excellent budget friendly product.
Reply associate Published 08/21/2017
Thanks for sharing!
470008-022EA 319.95 USD
Solar Scope Education Version
The user-friendly Solarscope lets users safely view the light of the sun.

  • Students Calculate Earth's Orbital Characteristics
  • Guidebook Included
  • Length: 25½”
  • Width: 18”
  • Height: 15”
Students can observe solar sun spots, planet transits, and eclipses of the moon with this instrument. Using the Solarscope, students can also calculate earth's rotation speed, earth's orbit ellipticity, the sun’s rotation speed, and more.

The telescope is easy to align and manipulate, and it includes a user’s guide and teacher’s workbook.