Quinck's Tube Method

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470163-950EA 834 USD
Quinck's Tube Method
This apparatus is used to determine Susceptibility of paramagnetic sample by using quinck's tube method.

Salient features:
Compact electromagnet
Gauss meter

Principle and Working:
Quincke's method is based on the force experienced by a magnetised material in a non-uniform magnetic field and is a version of Gouy's method, which is specially adapted for liquids. On the basis of Susceptibility, a substance can be classified as diamagnetic, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substance, which is an important observation in material science. In the present setup, the liquid moves under the action of the total force F until it is balanced by the pressure exerted over the area A due to a height difference 2h between the liquid surfaces in the two arms of the U-tube. Allowing for the susceptibility ÷ and density ñ of a a the air which the liquid displaces, it follows that,

A (X-Xa ).(B2-Bo2)/2 μ =2Ah (ρ -ρa)g

where g is the acceleration due to gravity,ρ density of liquid, so that

Required but not included: Power Supply 0-16V, 3 Amp