Fischertechnik E-Tech

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Fischertechnik E-Tech
With a focus on electrical circuits, electro-mechanics and electronic controls, this set is designed to provide an introduction to the exciting subject of electrical engineering, Using functional models, topics such as the principle of series and parallel connections and the control of a traffic light are explained step-by-step. Includes the E-Tech Module, a special interface with eight set programs to control various models, including a: burglar alarm with a buzzer, a hand dryer with a light barrier, a garage door with a magnetic sensor, and more. The E-Tech Module contains three inputs for digital sensors, such as a probe, photo-transistor and reed contact, as well as an output for a motor or two indicator lights. Contains 260 components for constructing the following models: Torch and/or Circuit, Refrigerator with Interior, Lighting, Staircase Lighting, Continuity Tester, Elevator, Series and Parallel Connection, Simple Flash Light, Tower with Blinking Warning Light, Punching Machine, Traffic Light Control, Garage Door, Alarm System, Barrier of a Public, Garage, Hand Dryer, and Brick Dispenser. Also includes 62 page full color construction booklet with detailed instructions for building all of the above models, as well as a multilanguage, black and white teaching guide and activity booklet covering various aspects of electronics. Includes Mini Motor, E-Tech Module, Sensor, Lightbarrier, Magnetic Sensor and Buzzer, and battery tray for 9V block. Battery not included.