Ward's® Chemistry Virtual Labs powered by Late Nite Labs

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Ward's® Chemistry Virtual Labs powered by Late Nite Labs
General Chemistry Virtual Labs

This interactive experience brings you interactive and open ended lab simulations for your favorite chemistry labs. The open-endedness of this software allows teachers and students to explore all the different directions an experiment can take. A true inquiry tool! Simulations can supplement the hands-on experience as a pre-lab assignment, teacher introduction to lab, or as review work after the lab. 20 Labs are included.
Included Labs
IConservation of Mass Lab
Titration Tutorial
Density – A Characteristic Property
Chemical Reaction Types and their Equations
Identifying Unknown Substances from Characteristic Properties

Separating a Mixture of Compounds
Molar Mass of Magnesium
Empirical Formula of Copper Oxide
Limiting Reactant and Excess Reactant
Mole to Mole Relationship between Copper and Silver
Stoichiometry by loss of Carbon Dioxide
Molecular Weight by Freezing Point Depression
Boyle’s Law
Molar Volume of a an Ideal Gas
Enthalpy Change of a Chemical Reaction
Vitamin C Content of Juices
Standardization of NaOH Solution
pH Indicators

Sptrophotometric Analysis of Copper
antitative Determination of Food Dyes in Powdered Drink Mixes