Biomes DVD Set

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Biomes DVD Set
Explore the Creation of Ecosystems and Survival of Their Inhabitants

  • Grades 9-12
  • Five Part Series
Your students will marvel at the power and wonder of the natural environment shown in this intriguing five-part series. The beautiful imagery and video footage featured in each DVD reveals the beginning of various ecosystems and how the plants and animals in each have adapted to survive. In Coastlines and Seas, segments cover the epic struggle between land and sea to claim the coastline, as well as the habitats of several marine species. Learn how animals have adapted to the most inhospitable conditions in Adapting To Deserts and Other Ecosystems, which visits the vast Asian deserts, the watery homes of crocodiles, and the lofty domain of birds. The science of waves, the life of animals in aquatic habitats, and the desalination of seawater is explained in detail in the Freshwater and Seawater DVD. You can experience a year in the life of a forest in Forests and Seeds which highlights topics from seed structure and dispersal to creating maple syrup. And, Islands and Evolution reveals the unique characteristics of living things in the Galapagos, Indonesia, and Tasmania, because they have evolved in isolation for millions of years.

Close-captioned. Total duration of series: 275 minutes.