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Study Genetics Using a Real Population of Unpedigreed Domestic Cats

Our popular AP Biology CD-ROM series will help your students visualize difficult concepts and processes as they work through the extensive background information, sophisticated animations, and video clips that demonstrate the procedures for each of the labs. In addition, some of the more difficult labs include simulations to provide practice for the real thing. Printable images of actual results from the hands-on portion of the lab are included on each CD, allowing students to use them for reference worksheets or analysis. The supplemental information included on each CD-ROM can be used as a preview to the lab, for consultation and reference during a lab, and for post-lab study and review in preparation for the AP Biology exam. Each CD-ROM also features interactive quizzes and teacher's resources including learning objectives, time requirements, material and equipment requirements, prelab prep, safety overview, further investigations, and multimedia resources that will allow you to customize your lesson plans.
System Requirements
Mac: PowerPC or better, System 7.0 to OS X (Classic), 32MB RAM

Windows: Pentium processor, Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, 32MB RAM
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Domestic cats make good test subjects because they are familiar to students, have small litters, and can be used to demonstrate principles such as gene assortment, allelic segregation, dominant and recessive traits, incomplete dominance, sex linkage, and gene interaction. The simulation lets students choose to mate their cats based on coat color and the presence or absence of a normal tail. They can also introduce unrelated cats into the program at any stage, as well as run subsequent matings among the litter or backcross offspring to parents. The program displays phenotypes with actual photos. The simulation can be open-ended or you can direct students through 15 investigations, and as students do the simulation, they will learn how to define research problems, control variables, predict outcomes, analyze and interpret data, and study causal relationships. The software also includes a chi square test feature and a printed teacher's manual.System RequirementsMac: iMac or G3 or higher, OS 8.5 - OS X, 32MB RAMWindows: Pentium, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, 32MB RAM