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Ward's Chemistry MSDS Database CD-ROM

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Reference for Preparation and Disposal of Chemicals

Ensure safety in your classroom and lab with all necessary chemical information readily at your fingertips. With this software, you can search for the Material Safety Data Sheets for ScholAR chemicals by alphabetical listing, chemical name, ScholAR catalog number, or CAS number. The 16 points of critical information included with each chemical’s MSDS are Product and Company Identification, Hazards Identification, Composition/Information on Ingredients, First Aid Measures, Fire Fighting Measures, Accidental Release Measures, Handling and Storage, Exposure Controls/Personal Protection, Physical and Chemical Properties, Stability and Reactivity, Toxicology Information, Ecological Information, Disposal Considerations, Transport Information, Regulatory information, and Other information. Each MSDS is in a pdf format, making it easy for you to print and keep on hand. Each MSDS is also available in both English and French.

System Requirements
Mac: PowerPC, System 7.0 or higher, 16MB RAM
Windows: 486 processor or better, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, 16MB RAM


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