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Precision Gyroscope

Perform gravity defying tricks with the Tedco Precision Gyroscope!
This is the most precision designed toy gyroscope on the market. You can perform amazing tricks with this gyroscope, and it's easy!
To begin, simply hold the frame, and thread the included cord through the gyroscope axle. Wind the cord around the axle while turning it with your thumb and index finger. With a firm grip, pull the cord away from the gyroscope. Hold the frame and push the included T-handle starter strap through the frame and the wheel. Making sure the strap aligns with the gear of the axle, pull the strap away from the gyroscope.
Tiny ball bearings and near perfect balance keep the gyroscope spinning for several minutes. Durable enough for classroom demonstration.


Item # Description Unit Price Quantity
4797103 Gyroscope, Precision, 3.5"
Each Retrieving