NYS Investigations Grade 8 - All Mixed Up

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NYS Investigations Grade 8 - All Mixed Up
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
The NYS investigations kits have been tested by local NYS teachers to make sure they work in the classroom.

  • All materials are packed in easy storage bins
  • Includes enough materials for 15 groups
  • Specifically tested to work with the NYS investigations
Find all the materials needed to perform the NYS investigations right here. All materials have been carefully selected to meet the state requirements, and have been thoroughly tested by teachers to ensure they work in the activities.

Ordering information: Kit includes: specimen containers with lids, petri dishes, masking tape, forceps, dropper pipets, magnets, bags, magnifiers, beaker, containers with lids, iron filings, salt, white gravel, sugar, white sand, black sand, black lentils, mineral oil, funnels, filters, strainers, cups, bin and lid. Goggles can be purchased separately if desired. Refill kit includes: mineral oil, iron filings, salt, gravel, sugar, lentils, dropper pipets, filters, black sand, coarse white sand.