Blue Phantom® Ultrasound Training Block Models

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Blue Phantom® Ultrasound Training Block Models
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Compact and convenient.

  • Extremely realistic imaging characteristics
  • Constructed using patented ultra-durable and realistic simulated human tissue, for an extremely realistic training model
  • Feels and cannulates like real human tissue
  • Self-healing tissue
  • Fluid can be injected into the model to verify needle tip lkocation (automatically expelled)
Blue Phantom® Select series vascular access ultrasound training models are an excellent training phantom to help clinicians develop, practice, and maintain the skills necessary for ultrasound guided venous access and arterial access procedures. These lightweight models are easily portable for travel and training where you want, when you want. Excellent for clinicians beginning to use ultrasound as well as more advanced users seeking more challenging vascular access insertion technique training. The branched vessels offer multiple training opportunities; independent linear vessels for initial training in addition to multiple overlapping branched vessels for more advanced ultrasound training.

Convex surface contour offers a scanning environment similar to human body habitus. Learn to acquire and interpret imaging. Use any ultrasound imaging system

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