Amino Labs BioInk Bacterial Paint Kits

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Amino Labs BioInk Bacterial Paint Kits
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Biochemistry Learning Activities
Create prints and textile art with colorful bacteria.

  • Safety First! The kit uses a non-pathogenic strain of E. coli (K-12)
  • Recommended for use with Amino Labs DNA Playground™ (available separately)
Grow patterns, paintings and symbols on petri dishes using the colored bacteria provided in your kit (as well as any colored engineered bacteria you may have created before). Once grown, transfer them directly to paper or textile in any design you like, or use some of the paintbrushes to add some freehand elements to your art. Finish by stabilizing and fixing your creation(s) with the medium provided to lock in the colorful creation.

Keep your engineered-bacteria immortalized with this Keep-it Kit™ (available separately). You can even touch it once it sets!

Ordering information: Due to popular demand, we recommend you place your order at least a week in advance.

Delivery information: Though kits will ship at ambient temperature, some components will require refrigeration upon arrival. Refer to instructions.