Electro-Luminescent Stopwatch, Sper Scientific

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470204-132EA 55.95 USD
Electro-Luminescent Stopwatch, Sper Scientific
Timers Digital Stopwatches
Electro-Luminescence is a new technology which provides a clearer display than back-lit LCD while at the same time using less power.

  • Water resistant
  • Digital stopwatch
  • Has a lap function, alarm clock and calendar
  • Excellent for HPLC, TLC, electrophoresis, dark rooms, and nocturnal behavioral studies
The result is a stopwatch easy to read in the dark which will provide about four hours of continuous illumination. A sonically welded case ensures excellent water resistance. Large ⁵/₈" high display for good visibility. Counts up to 24 hours with resolution of ¹/₁₀₀ second for the first 40 minutes and 1 second resolution thereafter.

Certifications: N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance for 14003-180.

Ordering information: Button cell battery included.