Ward's® Live Praying Mantis Egg Cases (Tenodera aridifolia sinensis)

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Ward's® Live Praying Mantis Egg Cases (Tenodera aridifolia sinensis)
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A fascinating predator to study; as it lies in wait for its prey, its posture makes it appear to be praying, giving the insect its common name.

  • Exhibits interesting predator behavior
  • Available with or without live food
  • Has rare ability to swivel its head from side to side
  • Strikes at its prey very quickly, but otherwise moves slowly
Approximately 75 young mantises will hatch from each egg case in three to six weeks at room temperature, and will mature in three months.

Ordering information: Praying Mantises are available seasonally, from approximately December through July. Available to US customers only.

Delivery information: Specimens will ship via overnight or 2nd day delivery. Please specify a delivery date during checkout.