TeacherGeek Multicutter and Reamer Set

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470132-532EA 21 USD
TeacherGeek Multicutter and Reamer Set
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Get Started with This Convenient Tool Combo Pack

  • Essential tools for building
  • Use with TeacherGeek components
This set comprised of an Easy Cutter and a TeacherGeek Reamer makes an essential combination of tools needed for building with our components. The Easy Cutter is designed to cut a variety of materials such as wood strips, connector strips, dowels and more. The TeacherGeek Reamer is a tool designed by us to be compatible with our patented splined hole system. If a rotating or sliding fit is desired, simply turn the reamer a couple of times in the hole to remove the spline.
The TeacherGeek Reamer is one of the most useful tools in our line. It allows you to reduce or remove the spline in the holes found in connector strips, gears, wheels and perpendicular blocks. Removing the spline allows a dowel to spin freely.