3B Scientific® Intramuscular Injection Simulators

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3B Scientific® Intramuscular Injection Simulators
Models Human Biology Models
Intramuscular Injection Can Be Practiced Realistically Without A Real Patient!

  • Feedback is provided by the simulator
  • Use on a surface, or strap onto a manikin
  • 3 year manufacturers
This high-quality I.M. simulator represents a right upper arm with all important anatomical palpable landmarks such as acromion and humerus. The realistic anatomy allows for placing correct intramuscular injections in an exceptionally graphic way. The built-in fine electronics produce audio-visual feedback of the result, e.g. correct or incorrect injection, bone contact, or wrong location. Additional trainings and control modes optionally provide an immediate or subsequent performance check under training conditions. The included lifelike silicone skin is extremely durable and can be quickly and easily exchanged when necessary.