Ward's® Restriction Mapping of DNA Lab Activity

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Ward's® Restriction Mapping of DNA Lab Activity
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Perform an Important Technique Used to Locate Genes on Chromosomes

  • Practice restriction mapping
  • Materials for 8 lab groups
  • Time Required: ~120 minutes
To locate a particular gene, scientists first identify landmarks along a chromosome or a long stretch of DNA. The most important landmarks of a physical map are the cleavage, or restriction, sites of restriction enzymes. A chromosome “map” specifies the landmarks and the distances between them, measured in nucleotides; the ultimate physical map is an exact order of the nucleotides created with a process known as DNA sequencing. In this lab activity that can be completed in two 60 minutes sessions, students electrophorese lambda DNA digested with restriction enzymes EcoR I and Hind III, analyze the fragment patterns and their sizes, and construct a chromosome map. The kit includes enough materials to run eight gels, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster.

Materials required, not included: An electrophoresis chamber, power supply, and 1-20 μL micropipettes.

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