WeatherCycler Lab Activity, Complete Class Pack

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WeatherCycler Lab Activity, Complete Class Pack
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
A Helpful Addition to Meteorology Lessons

  • Materials for 10 Lab Groups
  • 30 Activity Sheets
  • Teachers Guide with Activities and Answer Key
A durable 81/2" x 11" slide chart that uniquely displays map views and vertical cross sections through Highs, Lows, and fronts -- the broad-scale systems and features that dominate our weather. Sky views and changes in temperature and pressure complete the comprehensive chart depictions. By simply pulling the chart insert, the weather systems are put into their typical movements from west to east. Weather changes are shown for your location as the weather systems pass by. The included materials present descriptive models of major systems and features, and help explain local forecasts. The set comes with enough materials for ten setups including ten student slide charts, one 81/2" x 11" laminated instructor’s slide chart for use on an overhead projector, 30 activity sheets, and a teacher’s manual containing six activities, an answer key, and background information.