Small Van de Graaff Generator

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470014-794EA 21.9 USD
Small Van de Graaff Generator
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Reliable performance in all humidity conditions.

  • Maximum voltage: 200kV
  • 5-10 μC charge per spark
Produce sparks only seconds after start up with this incredible device. A high performance rubber formulation belt provides more efficient charge transfer, and a larger dome enables bigger charge collection. The generator’s unique feature, a long clear insulating column, allows students to view the machine’s operation for a more spectacular demonstration and a greater understanding of how the instrument works. Permanently adjusted collecter combs and dome mount combine with a powerful motor which enables rapid charge-up, for no-hassle operation. A grounding tab is included for attaching accessories. Includes a teacher’s manual with operation instructions and experiment procedures.