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Glow Chemistry Kit

You’re currently viewing a Science Kit product, now available from Ward’s Science. What does this mean? Learn more
Discover the chemistry behind luminescence with this easy-to-use demonstration, which lets you mix sodium hydroxide, dimethyl sulphoxide and luminol to produce a strong blue-green light. Even after the light fades, shaking the bottle will cause more of the luminol to react. Use the supplied light stick to teach students about practical applications of luminescence. Developed by Lynn Hesse. Includes five demos and instructions. Note: light sticks have a shelf life of 18 months. Grades 11–12.

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Item # Description Unit Price Quantity
6974800 ? Light Stick, Green
Each Retrieving
6974801 ? Light Stick, Blue
Each Retrieving
6974802 ? Light Stick, Red
Each Retrieving
4607300 ? Glow Chemistry Kit
Hazardous Product
Kit of 1 Retrieving