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Bacteria Experiment Kit

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Students conduct their own easy to perform, completely hands-on bacteria tests. They simply melt the provided media in a microwave, pour their own media plates, and test for growth using a series of experiments, including testing of common use items such as bathroom handles, door knobs and water fountains. Students find the answers to such questions as how much bacteria does soap or mouthwash eliminate, and which mouth contains more bacteria — a human or a dog.

Worksheets include
an overview of the experiment
equipment required
safety tips
the hypothesis
step-by-step procedure
explanation of the results

Includes materials for four student groups
2-200ml bottles of Prepared Nutrient Agar
20 Gamma Radiated Sterile Petri Dishes
10 Sterile Swabs
and four Lab Instruction Sheets


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4598901 ? Bacteria Experiment Kit
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