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Buckminsterfullerenes (Buckyballs) Model Kit

You’re currently viewing a Science Kit product, now available from Ward’s Science. What does this mean? Learn more
In 1985, a group of scientists discovered a 60-carbon atom molecule, only the third known form of pure carbon (after diamond and graphite).
These molecules, which are formed by vaporizing graphite, may be used in the future to manufacture protective coatings and even treat cancer.
The 60-atom cluster looks like a soccer ball and is sure to attract a lot of attention in your classroom. Your students can even build their own paper models for individual study.
Includes: white plastic bonds, black plastic carbon atoms, 30 printed paper patterns of Buckyballs and a teacher’s manual.


Item # Description Unit Price Quantity
4513100 ? Model, Buckyball, 1 Model, 30 Paper Model
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