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WARD’S Principles of Mendelian Genetics Lab Activity

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Demonstrate Probability and the Laws of Segregation and Independent Assortment

Students can observe the results of random genotype combinations with the same mathematical results as in living organisms but without the hassle of growing them. They’ll explore how genetic ratios are derived from two basic laws of probability, as well as simulate monohybrid crosses of peas to understand how alleles are passed on, how traits are determined, and how to predict segregation. They can also simulate a dihybrid cross of peas to understand how independent assortment works. The kit contains enough materials for 15 setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster.

Materials Included
•15 Cup shakers
•30 4-Sided dice
•200 Transparent plastic discs, (yellow, green, red, blue)
•60 Red allele discs
•30 Two-sided plastic coins
•3 Blue wax marking pens
•1 Teacher's Guide
•1 Student Study and Analysis Sheet (copymaster)

Time Requirement
•1 Class Period


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