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Animal Tissues: Epithelium/Cartilage Microslides

You’re currently viewing a Science Kit product, now available from Ward’s Science. What does this mean? Learn more
Contents: • Trachea (cs, st, 50X) • Trachea (cs, st, 180x) • Ciliated columnar epithelium (cs, st, 300X) • Simple cuboidal epithelium (cs, st, 500X) • Cartilage (cs, st, 180X) • Esophagus epithelium (cs, st, 340X) • Simple squamous epithelium (cs, st, 330X) • Urinary bladder (cs, st, 125X).


Item # Description Unit Price Quantity
269050 ? Animal Tissues: Epithelium/Cartilage, Set
Pack of 1 Retrieving
269150 ? Animal Tissues: Epithelium/Cartilage, Box of 15 Sets
Box of 1 Retrieving